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SQL (Structured Query Language) Juniors

Data is an integral part of programming. Understanding, visualising and applying data to real world scenarios is a critical part of software development. 

At Codertainment, we start introducing data and SQL for kids in primary school. From building their own database table, analysing the data to and writing various queries, kids enjoy the SQL lessons and solve the fun worksheets. 

Worksheet 1.png
Intro to DB.png
Criminal DB.png

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding of tables, columns, rows and data types.

  • Analyse a table of data and ability to review and filter the records based on a criteria.

  • Use of SQL commands to

    • Single select and multi select columns

    • Select DISTINCT

    • Count queries

    • Using WHERE clause

    • Using BETWEEN and IN

    • Creating a TABLE and 

    • Inserting records. 

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