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Programming with Python Turtle

As the name suggests Python turtle is a easy, fun way to get introduced to Python programming language. Turtle is python library and is used to create pictures and shapes using a virtual canvas. While enjoying the drawing, kids get to learn a variety of Python commands including use of loops, if statements and using input commands. 

This course also teaches over 20 python turtle commands. This course has proven to be a great hit in introducing python integrated development environment, where students learn to create programs, save programs, run code, review output and errors and get very familiar and ready for the more complex code in Python. 

The little turtle cursor which draws the pictures/shapes of the code is a great attention retainer for the students. The course is packed with colourful worksheets with clear instructions that makes the learning a lot easier. 


Learning Objectives

  • Use of Python IDLE

  • Saving a program, generating output

  • Copy and Paste commands

  • Use of Turtle commands to

    • Use variables

    • While loops

    • Effect of using loops

    • Create various patters

    • Accept user input

    • If-Then-Else

    • Conditionals

    • String and Numeric Datatypes

Turtle train
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