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HTML (Hypertext MarkUp Language)

HTML is the language of the web and is used by over 90% of the websites in the world. 

In this course, the students will learn this powerful language using an HTML Editor and learn several HTML tags to build the webpages. The course involves several worksheets with gradual increase in complexity and fun and useful online quizzes.

The students will build fun projects like Pizza Shop website, pet store etc. 

Learning Objectives HTML Level 1 

  • Using HTML Editor Tool

  • Understanding DOCTYPE

  • HEAD, BODY and TITLE Tags

  • Creating HTML file

  • Text and formatting Tags

  • LIST tags

  • Adding Links

  • Adding Image and Media

  • Creating multiple pages and navigation

Learning Objectives HTML Level 2

  • HTML Tables

  • Links using Anchor tags


  • Forms using

    • Text input

    • Checkbox

    • Dropdowns

    • Checkbox

    • Buttons

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