"Everyone should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think." - Steve Jobs 

Why children should learn to code?
Computer Science is integral to STEM
Computer science is becoming an integral unit of STEM across US, Australia and many developed countries. The current "STEM JOB GAP" is predominantly in the field of computer science, where there are more jobs than students.
Computer Science is not only prevalent in several industries, it is disrupting every known industry with new innovations.
Excel with new skills
Computer science education provides a multitude of doors for students, providing them with an important framework for problem solving, building logical reasoning skills and analytical thinking. 
Research shows that students with programming experience have higher cognitive ability, than the ones who doesn't.

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Inspiration and Advantage to be creative in any field
Hadi Partovi, founder of Code.org says that no matter what field a child will pursue, Computer Science will become a foundation to all students.
This foundational skill will inspire children to be creative in any domain.
"Understanding how technology works, how the Internet works, and learning to solve problems with computational thinking, these skills are as important as learning how electricity works, how digestion works, or solving problems using algebra." Hadi Partovi. Founder code.org.
Active young innovators
Children spend a significant time on devices, partly for educational purposes to research, to learn, to do their homework and partly for entertainment activities. While it is important to have an entertainment usage of devices, learning computer science and programming enables them to think of problems around them and converts them to an active creator on their devices from a passive user.
Great innovations began with a small step
Watch leading innovators and founders of companies like Twitter, Facebook and Dropbox share their story of their humble beginning.