At Codertainment we keep your kids on the technology curve.

Why Codertainment?

Choosing the right coding school is essential in making sure you are investing your child's time wisely.


Small class size

At Codertainment, our class sizes are small, so we can focus on each child's strengths and facilitate learning and creativity.

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We don’t just teach coding, we teach computer science.

Fundaments and advanced concepts of computer science are taught as part of the program, in a method that is interesting and logical for children. Generally, these are taught in senior years of high school or in degree programs. While we introduce and teach several advanced topics, at Codertainment we keep the expectations real and work with each child based on their specific interest and at a pace that best suits the child. 

We do Smart Teaching

Our sessions are 1 hour each and in spending about  8 hours a term, children get to learn a new technology every term. We use flash cards (custom designed by us) and other effective learning tools that interest the kids and help learn new concepts fast. With no homework and no fuss, your child will advance in technology every term.


Teach cutting edge technology


We teach cutting edge technology like 3D Modelling, Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, App Development, Python, Raspberry PI, Robotics and much more.


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Time well spent


Invest your child’s time in the future focussed learning at Codertainment. In spending 4-8 terms enrolled at Codertainment, you will notice that your child is already keeping up with the technology curve and in what is needed for the future.

Our principle

At Codertainment, we work with a principle that each child thrives best when they progress at the pace that suits them. We foster that learning by providing the guidance and varying the complexity of activity/coding for each child. We have a general course progression guideline, but review the child's interest before recommending the next course. 


Giving back to the local community

We are constantly working toward bringing learning

opportunity to the community by organising free events. 

Hour of Code - 2017

Coding workshop for women - 2018

Create a Google Doodle Competition - 2018

Code-A-Thon - Team event for kids - 2018

Open day and free hour of code - 2019

Learning is Fun

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