Frequently asked questions

Q) When are the courses scheduled?

The courses run during the school term weekdays and weekends.

Q) What is in the workshop? 

Workshops are one-off sessions, usually scheduled for 2 hours on topics such as machine learning, app development etc. The workshops give an opportunity for students to get a good overview of the subject in 2 hours. This is mostly useful for students who are unable to attend the courses that run through the term, but would still like to keep their skills updated. 

Q) What if I miss a session? 

We understand that due to certain circumstances, kids are unable to attend a session. We are happy to schedule make-up sessions for up to 2 missed sessions every term. 

Q) How does the course progression work? 

We have a recommended course progression for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Following the course progression recommended by us will help students master the fundamentals and progress through learning new technologies. However, we understand that some kids have specific interests and may not necessarily follow the course progression. 

Q) I missed the enrolment at the start of the term, could I still enrol after the sessions have started?

Yes, enrolments are open throughout the term and lessons are self paced with a small class size. 

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