"Make visible what,  without you, might perhaps never be seen."

- Robert Bresson

About Codertainment


Codertainment started in 2016 teaching small groups of children computer science and programming at home in an uniquely designed course structure.  It has now expanded and moved to Constitution Hill in a nicely designed future focussed classroom and offering several courses.  Codertainment focusses on integrating the concepts of computer science, which will enable the kids to use what they learn and apply to various technology platforms. Our focus is beyond 'just' coding. It is about problem solving, designing, planning, iterating and to think out of the box. 

With every field around us taken over by technology, understanding how it works enables children to see the complexities around them more clearer. Computer Science promotes inquiry and the exercise of solving problems through coding enables new synaptic connections in the brain. Engaging in group activities build collaboration and team building, besides making the entire experience more fun. 

Immaterial of what field a child chooses to pursue as an adult, learning coding/computer science at a younger age infuses analytical thinking and problem solving that can be used across any domain. 


Format of the courses and sessions

The sessions are very interactive and activity-based. This has been a key enabler for children to learn faster and apply what they learnt effectively. The sessions are packed with individual and group activities to learn new concepts, followed by hands-on coding. 

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Giving back to the local community

We are constantly working toward bringing learning opportunity to the community by organising free events. 


Hour of Code - 2017

Coding workshop for women - 2018

Create a Google Doodle Competition - 2018

Code-A-Thon - Team event for kids - 2018


Check out our facebook page for pictures of these events. 

Learning is Fun

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