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What is Beginners Blockly? 

Beginners Blockly is a visual block based drag and drop coding tool, where you can program the computer by putting together the various coding blocks. 

While on the periphery this coding is simple for children, it teaches them the very foundation of problem solving and coding. The building blocks of coding such as sequence, loops and conditionals are introduced and applied in the various coding exercises kids will do. 

Within this course, there is varying level of complexity and kids will be put on the level that is appropriate for their age and any prior coding knowledge. 

The course is supplemented with a variety of un-plugged activities to reinforce the concepts to be covered by this course. 

Each student will get their own account and will work through the coding exercises at their pace. 

Learning Objectives

  • Algorithm

  • Sequence

  • Loops

  • Decisions

  • Events

  • De-Bugging

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